Airport lounge review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge, Munich Airport T2

Airport lounge review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge, Munich Airport T2

I haven’t been travelling much lately, but I recently had a small 48 hour trip to Barcelona. And since SAS cancelled our Sunday morning flight from Oslo, we were rerouted on Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti via Munich.

For me, that meant the chance to try two new airlines and an airport lounge, and it also meant we were entitled to 400 EUR compensation, so I didn’t really complain. Especially when we were arriving in Barcelona around 3,5 hours after our original scheduled arrival time.

As you enter, these lounge chairs are on your right hand side. 

The Lufthansa Schengen lounges are located just by gates G27 and G28, and good airport signage make them easy to find. Depending on your travel class and Star Alliance status, you are directed either up an escalator to the Business lounge or straight ahead to the Senator (Star Alliance Gold) lounge.

We were directed to the latter because of my SAS Eurobonus Gold card, and my guest was accepted without hesitation. The attendant manning the lounge desk was not exactly the epitome of friendliness, however.

The lounge and seating

The Senator lounge is a mid-sized, but rather tired-looking space. When we arrived at around 09.45 in the morning , it was very crowded, but we were able to secure one of the last free tables.

The lounge has a variety of seating options, from regular dining-focused tables to more lounge-y chairs in the back. The location of the lounge limits the amount of windows it can have, so it’s not exactly bright and energizing, but the high ceilings help somewhat in giving it a slightly airier feel.

If I have one complaint regarding the seats, it is that the dining area doesn’t really have any power plugs, which would have been nice. There are plenty of them between the lounge chairs, however.

The food and drinks

As we were visiting the lounge in the morning, the food options were mainly breakfast themed.

Warm options included scrambled eggs, beans, fried bacon and some grilled tomatoes, and there were also breads, pastries, cereal, yoghurt and some salad items.

Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich hot breakfast options. The bacon was temporarily out of stock.

All in all a quite nice selection, but I found the bacon to be extremely salty and the scrambled eggs to be a bit too creamy and buttery for my liking.

I was happy to find croissants and other pastries, however, and if you have a sweet tooth, there are also many things to choose from: Muffins, cake, candies and even Mövenpick fruit popsicles.

Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich cold cuts and cheeses.
Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich bread selection.
Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich pastries and pretzels.
Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich muesli and cereals.
Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich Mövenpick popsicles.

Coffee was served from a machine, so no barista here, but the coffee was totally fine. Soft drinks were served from a dispenser, along with fruit juices.

It was a bit early for alcohol, but if I was so inclined, the options were numerous. The Senator lounge stocks a lot of liquor options, mostly premium brands, in addition to a few red and white wine options and what I think was a prosecco.

If you prefer beer, there were two options on tap. We are in Germany, after all.

Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich liquors and soft drinks.
Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich wines and water.
Lufthansa Senator lounge Munich beers on tap.

The rest

I didn’t try the wifi, as we were travelling within Europe and I could roam on my phone for free.

Newspapers were available, and the lounge features two shower rooms. I didn’t have any need of these after our short hop from Oslo, and since the cleaning staff were busy inside, I didn’t want to intrude to take pictures. I appreciated the L’Occitane toiletries offered both in the restrooms and shower rooms, however.

Several big screens placed throughout the lounge showed information on departing flights, which is a feature every lounge should have. Service seemed friendly, but I didn’t really interact with any of the staff.

Two shower rooms at the Lufthansa Senator lounge in Munich.

The verdict

The Lufthansa Senator lounge in Munich was a fine place to spend a little time before our flight to Barcelona.

The design isn’t exactly bold and inspiring, but the food and drinks were plentiful and mostly of decent quality.

I wouldn’t extend my layover in Munich or arrive early at the airport to spend time here, though.

All kinds of travel rates the Lufthansa Senator lounge 3,5 out of 5

I liked: Many different seating options, premium liquors, decent breakfast spread, shower rooms with L’Occitane products.

I disliked: Slightly dated decor with little natural light, food items of varying quality, no fresh juices or barista coffee.


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