Airport lounge review: Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong International Terminal 1

Airport lounge review: Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong International Terminal 1

For my return flight from Hong Kong to Stockholm/Oslo earlier this year, I was hoping that the miles from my super comfortable business flight with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Hong Kong would have posted, since they were the very last ones I needed to qualify for SAS Eurobonus (and Star Alliance) Gold.

They unfortunately did not, and SAS’ customer service could do nothing to help me, so I was left without complimentary lounge access and therefore needed to make use of my Priority Pass membership to get into the Plaza Premium Lounge at HKG.

This is a per-use payment kind of membership (£15 per visit), so it’s always a question of value, but I decided that the almost two hours of airport time I had was a lot better spent in a comfortable lounge than in the departures hall, so I went for it. I figured this would be the last time in a while I would have to pay for lounge access as well.

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Stylish and varied seating options. 

The Plaza lounge network actually operates two lounges at HKG Terminal 1, and they are located almost adjacent to each other. When I arrived at around 7.15 AM, there was a long line for the main lounge, while the newer lounge, just 50 meters further, had no line at all. I therefore chose the latter, which I’m also told has a lot more modern furnishings.

Bilde 20.02.2018, 01 33 37

And this is absolutely a very good looking lounge, with a dark, stylish color palette of greys and earth tones. The lounge has a vast amount of different seating options, with both lounge chairs, more dining style tables and a lot of small booths that have more privacy and are better suited for working.

Most tables and booths have access to smart multi-standard power plugs, as well as USB ports for charging phones and the like. I could use my European MacBook charger with no problems.

Bilde 20.02.2018, 01 31 12
Booths with universal power plugs. 

In addition to passengers with Priority Pass, the Plaza Premium Lounge is the contract lounge for a bunch of airlines, and select credit cards also give access here. Another option is to just pay outright for access, but prices are steep, with 580 HKD (74 USD) for a two hour pass.

During my visit the lounge had a decent amount of guests, but it was in no way crowded. I would suggest walking the extra few steps here if the main lounge seems to be very busy. There are no windows here, however, which gives the lounge a little depressing feel. Maybe some brighter colors for the decor would have been a better idea?

Bilde 20.02.2018, 00 44 28
The colour palette is a little dreary. 

As I was visiting in the early hours of the day, the lounge was serving a more breakfast style buffet spread with both hot and cold options. The Western hot options included stuff like scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, baked beans, and there were also a few local dishes and a noodle soup station available.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cold options included a small green salad, a creamy potato salad and a couscous salad, and there were also different types of bread, croissants and danish pastries to choose from. Not a lavish spread in any way, but definitely enough for a decent breakfast or other kind of meal.

Beverage-wise the selection was fairly limited, and the Hong Kong lounge differs from many Plaza lounges in that the only complimentary alcohol served is beer. Wines and spirits are available for purchase. Other complimentary options include coffee and tea, soft drinks and juices.

Bilde 20.02.2018, 01 35 26
No other alcoholic beverages than beer are complimentary here.

The drinking glasses are fairly small, though, so be prepared to take more than one or run back and forth. I am used to lounge plates being small, but the small glasses just seem like an unnecessary nuisance.

I also wish they would have offered an ice machine, as the fountain drinks tended to be almost lukewarm.

Bilde 20.02.2018, 01 35 31

Wifi is offered, but speeds were not exactly blazing. I measured around 3 Mbps both up and down, which will suffice for some low-res Netflix, but nothing more. It was fine for browsing the web, however.

Otherwise there’s not much more to say. The lounge has restrooms inside, and I found staff to be very attentive when it came to clearing away dirty dishes.

The verdict

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Hong Kong Airport is not a lounge I would go out of my way to visit, but it definitely does the job for killing a few hours at the airport and getting a meal and a few drinks.

It is a shame, however, that the drinks selection is so limited, and walk-in prices are very expensive.

All kinds of travel rates the Plaza Premium Lounge at HKG airport 3,0 out of 5

I liked: Stylish decor with plenty of seating options, not as crowded as the main lounge, power plugs mostly everywhere, useable wifi

I disliked: A few windows would have gone a long way, western options are limited, only complimentary alcohol is beer, very small glasses


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