Airport lounge review: Aegean Air lounge, Athens International Airport, Greece

Airport lounge review: Aegean Air lounge, Athens International Airport, Greece

Recently I had a weekend hop to the Greek capital, and although the return flight was in Economy, my newfound Star Alliance Gold status granted me access to the two SA lounges at Athens Airport: Aegean and Lufthansa.

As this is Aegean’s home airport, I decided on that one, but the Lufthansa lounge is just next door, so it’s easy to try both if you have the urge. They are located across from gate B13, and very easy to find.

The back of the lounge. Along the far wall were the red booths for those who would want some more privacy, but these had no tables.

I was greeted with a friendly smile at the lounge reception, who happily welcomed me and my guest.

The lounge is medium-sized, with several seating options. The first thing you see as you enter, are typical lounge chairs, but there are also little booths (however without any tables, which I found a bit odd), and another section with more dining-style tables and chairs.

The seating and buffet area.

It seemed like we were arriving just at the time the lounge spread was being put out, as the lounge staff were carrying out several bowls of different salads and also a soup.

Unfortunately, the Aegean lounge isn’t really big on the hot food, so you are basically stuck with these salads, along with some cheeses, charcuterie, bagels and other small nibbles.

The food was adequate for a midday snack, but I probably wouldn’t plan on eating only here if you have a long flight without catering ahead of you. I would also have liked to see some more sweet options, and the cookies and similar on offer seemed to be quite low quality.

Vegans and lactose-intolerant people would probably appreciate the bowls of salad dedicated to them, though.

Traditional warm cheese or spinach-filled pastries.
Bagels and spinach- or cream cheese-filled pita bread, along with cold cuts and cheese.
The salads were the strong suit of the Aegean lounge. Also note the vegan and lactose intolerant friendly prepackaged salads on the left.

Drink options were bountiful, on the other side, with two white and two red wines (unfortunately no sparkling or champagne), a full inflight cart with mostly premium brand liquor, soft drinks, juices, ice teas, water and more.

I especially appreciated the fact that the lounge offered water bottles, so that I could bring a few onboard the aircraft.

Coffee was served from a huge Nespresso machine which took a bit of tinkering to figure out. I saw many lounge guests struggling to operate it, even though there are instructions attached to the machine itself. Even though a live barista of course is the best option, this machine served up some decent caffeine injections – with or without steamed milk.

This Nespresso monstrosity was a little too high-tech for many of the lounge guests. It served a decent cup of coffee, though.
The wine selection. No sparkling was a slight letdown.
Plenty of brand liquor, served on an airplane cart. Cool little detail.
Plenty of beverage options.

Service was prompt, but I found it a bit odd that most of the catering staff didn’t speak English. One would think that that is sort of a prerequisite for working at an international airport lounge. Tables were cleaned efficiently, though, the lounge was clean and fresh, and it wasn’t too busy when we visited on a Sunday a bit before noon.

Other than that, there really isn’t much to say about the Aegean Air lounge. There are no other defining features, not even in-lounge restrooms, and the view is of the outside of the airport, so it’s not really a good place for plane spotting either.

The dining section. Not particularly full while we were there.

The lounge offers Aegean’s Premium wifi, which I think you can use throughout the airport – a nice touch. I didn’t do a speed test, but it seemed reasonably fast and was easy to connect to.

The verdict

The Aegean Air lounge certainly beats sitting out by the gates, but it wouldn’t have hurt to up the ante a bit when it comes to the food.

If I come here again, I would most likely try the Lufthansa lounge first – it’s next door, after all.

All kinds of travel rates the Aegean Air lounge 3,0 out of 5.

I liked: Decent drink selection, lots of seating options, fast wifi

I disliked: Mediocre food, no proper hot options, no restrooms, showers or other “premium” features.


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