Hotel mishaps: What is the proper compensation?

Hotel mishaps: What is the proper compensation?

I’m currently staying at the Four Points by Sheraton in Bangkok, which is a decent property in itself, but on the day I checked in I had a very strange experience.

A few hours after checking in, I had just come out of the shower and was basically naked in my room, when the door suddenly clicks open and another guest looks surprised at me before closing the door quickly again.

It turned out the room allocation system somehow had given him the same room as I already had checked in to, but I nonetheless found it to be a rather strange and a little disturbing experience.

Full apology

Just a few minutes later, the reception called to confirm my name, and another few minutes after that, the hotel service manager called to apologize. He took full responsibility and offered breakfast for two for the remainder of my stay (four nights) as compensation.

I was initially fairly pleased with this, but after thinking about the matter for a while, I came to the conclusion that this was unacceptable (mainly because it was a coincidence that I was actually in the room, and if I hadn’t been, nothing could have stopped the other guest from helping himself to my personal belongings). I therefore went down to speak to the manager in person. I said I was not happy, and he basically asked me what I wanted to feel happy.

Almost before I had time to return to my room after speaking to the service manager, this arrived. 

I hadn’t really prepared a “demand” – and really dislike potential heated arguments like these (although he was very friendly) – so I said I would be happy with a room upgrade or Starpoints. He then checked his system and found that they were fully booked, and therefore couldn’t accomodate my request, but gave me his card and said that next time I arrived, I could contact him personally and he would guarantee me a nice suite upgrade.

Not feeling like I could push the matter further, I decided to accept, and both the service manager and his deputy felt truly apologetic and sorry about what had happened. I’ve come to think that his response was clever also for the hotel, as it ensures them more business if I really want the compensation.

Stay tuned

I’m actually going back to Bangkok already next month, so I probably will take advantage of it, but I still maybe felt that the fully booked hotel didn’t hinder him from giving me the Starpoints I told him was another option. He did, however, send up a small fruit plate along with a card to apologize once again after I returned to my room.

What do you think? Did they offer proper compensation? Could I have pushed for more? Or was this a common mishap that could have been let go without further drama?


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