Airport lounge review: Oman Air lounge, Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok

Airport lounge review: Oman Air lounge, Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok

Oman Air is an airline I highly likely will never get to fly, but that didn’t stop me from paying their lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi a visit earlier this year. I hadn’t planned a lounge visit before my return flight to Helsinki in the morning, but an hour delay made it seemingly worth it.

The Oman Air lounge is located in the E concourse, which was very practical since it was only a few minutes stroll from my departure gate. I had a slight bit of trouble locating the lounge, however, as it’s down a set of stairs from the departure gates.

I had access through my Priority Pass membership, and was accepted at the desk without any questions other than showing my boarding pass and membership card.

Bilde 30.06.2017, 03.22.06
Oman Air lounge side room.

The Oman Air lounge isn’t very spacious, but there was plenty of seating and not too crowded at all on the morning of my visit. There’s a main room where the buffet is located, and a larger side room with plenty of seating.

In the corner of the main room you’ll find restrooms and a shower room. The latter was busy when I was there, so I unfortunately couldn’t take any pictures. There’s also a separate prayer room.

Bilde 30.06.2017, 03.27.25
Interesting warning in the restroom. 


The Oman Air lounge doesn’t really have any external windows except for in one of the corners where noone really sits. From here you can get a small glimpse of the tarmac, but I wouldn’t really call it a view.

There were also a few iMac computers in the main room if you are not bringing your own. I really liked the decor, which I found upscale and modern, with the blue LED lights lining the walls.

Bilde 30.06.2017, 03.22.46
Oman Air lounge view.

The crowd seemed to mainly consist of Oman Air’s own travellers, plus a few external guests like myself. I had absolutely no trouble finding seating, and the vibe was fairly quiet and relaxed, except for a guy next to me watching TV on his phone with the sound on. There were also a few TVs mostly showing news with the sound off.

The drinks selection was impressive, with premium liquours, two red wines, two white wines, a sparkling white and a sparkling rosé. Unfortunately there was no champagne, but the Australian Chandon was perfectly OK.

Beer, mixers, soft drinks and water were found in some very-well stocked refridgerators underneath.

Coffee was served from a Nespresso machine which also had a milk steamer. Maybe not barista quality, but it resulted in a solid cappuccino anyway. There was also a few fruit juices in the corner, but unfortunately only the sugar sweetened mess they serve everywhere in Thailand.

The warm food spread was mostly arabic fare which didn’t really tempt my Scandinavian breakfast wishes, so I resorted to the premade sandwiches along with some fresh fruit, croissants and yoghurt.

It was perfectly fine, and I probably would have been more inclined to the hot options if I was there closer to dinner time.

Free wifi was offered, but it wasn’t very fast, as you can see from my Speedtest run here. It did the job for checking the news, chatting and sending a few emails, though.


The verdict

I would say that the Oman Air lounge is a very good option if you don’t have access to more luxurious airlines’ business or first class options at Suvarnabhumi. It has an upscale feel, great drink options and is a very quiet retreat from the chaos that otherwise is Suvarnabhumi.

Would I come more than a little early to spend my time here? Probably not, but if you are at the airport anyway (or like me, had a delay), this is a great place to be.

All kinds of travel rates the Oman Air lounge, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi: 4 out of 5

I liked: Plenty of drink options, good coffee, lots of comfortable seating, nice decor

I disliked: Only sweetened juice, not the fastest wifi


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