«Exclusive offer»: Thanks, Finnair, but no thanks

«Exclusive offer»: Thanks, Finnair, but no thanks

I enjoyed my first economy flight with Finnair (Oslo-Helsinki-Bangkok), and was excited when I saw an email from the airline drop in my inbox that started something like this:

«To thank you for choosing Finnair for your journey, we’d like to offer you an exclusive travel class upgrade for your reservation XXXXXX». 

I kept reading, and saw that they offered the upgrade for a measly 92 euros, which would be a fantastic offer if it was for the longhaul leg of my journey home from Bangkok. Unfortunately, it was not.

Finnair was only offering an upgrade for the final leg of my journey, namely the less than 1,5 hour long flight from Helsinki to Oslo. What you get from the upgrade on this leg is basically the following:

  • Lounge access on Helsinki Vantaa (which is fairly moot due to my 1:25 layover time),
  • Extra baggage allowance (already have extra because of my Finnair Silver status)
  • Priority boarding
  • «complimentary» free middle seat on the flight, but no more legroom or a more comfortable seat 
  • A meal service onboard, including champagne and other beverages

So I would basically be paying 92 euros for the meal service, a guaranteed free middle seat and being able to board and leave the aircraft in the first group, plus a few extra Finnair Plus points.

Finnair business class shorthaul meal. It was tasty, but not worth what Finnair now is asking.

The way Finnair presents this offer, it sounds like you get it because you are an amazing customer and they value your business.

In reality, it is of course a well-calculated value proposition for them – a way to squeeze a few extra euros out of your pocket. I’m guessing they have registered that I have flown business class with them before, but to me, the shorthaul leg was just a necessity to fly business on the longhaul one.

In other words, I won’t be taking this «offer». Give me a good offer on the BKK-HEL leg, and we can talk. 


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