Lounge review: Avianca VIP Lounge, Miami International Airport (MIA)

Lounge review: Avianca VIP Lounge, Miami International Airport (MIA)

As I wrote in my review of the SAS Plus (premium economy) experience between Oslo and Miami, lounge is included wherever SAS has their own lounge, otherwise not.

Miami is one such place, but my friend’s Eurobonus Diamond status secured me access to the Star Alliance lounge at MIA anyway.

We arrived at the airport in good time for our flight, as we had planned to have a light lunch in the lounge. It is located next to gate J5 and shares an entrance with the “VIP Lounge operated by LATAM”, so it was a few minutes to walk from our G terminal gate.

The premises

The Avianca lounge serves Star Alliance airlines at MIA, and also Priority Pass and Diner’s Club cardholders (which are charged $30). Both specify that peak hours might mean restricted access, however.


The lounge is medium in size, but has a good selection of seating options. It was near capacity when we arrived, so we ended up in a sofa.

There are also a few rooms that are cut off from the main lounge, and one with a TV if you want to catch up on sports or news. There are restrooms in one end of the lounge, and a view of the tarmac if you get a seat near the windows.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 20.48.39
Avianca VIP lounge Miami view. 

The food and drinks

The Avianca lounge serves wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks, water, coffee and tea.

It offers a small salad bar, one hot dish, a soup and small sandwiches, pastries and other nibbles.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 19.21.42
Avianca VIP lounge Miami bread, sandwiches and pastries.

The hot dish on the day of our visit was meatballs in marinara sauce, along with spanish arroz rice.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 19.22.18
Avianca VIP lounge Miami salad bar. 

It was a very tasty dish, my only complaint would be that the plates were very small, just like in the SAS lounge in Oslo.

The salad selection could also have been a bit more interesting, but it was nice to have a veggie option next to the meatballs.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 19.22.25
Avianca VIP Lounge Miami hot dish. 

I only had the white wine, a perfectly decent chardonnay, but the liquor selection was alright too, with mostly premium brands. There were also some cocktail garnishes.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 19.21.53
Avianca VIP lounge Miami liquors. 

The wifi

Wifi was fast and reliable, and you can definitely get some work done here if needed.

I unfortunately didn’t remember to do a speed test, but in my experience it was more than fast enough for most tasks, despite the seemingly heavy usage.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 19.22.02
Avianca VIP lounge Miami beverages. 

The verdict

The Avianca lounge is a good Star Alliance lounge that ticks most of the boxes. The selection of beverages is good, they serve some decent food for a pre-flight snack or meal, and the wifi is fast.

You don’t get the star treatment you do in first class or the very best business class lounges, but it definitely makes the wait for your flight a lot more pleasant.

All kinds of travel rates the Avianca VIP lounge MIA: 4 out of 5

I liked: Good selection of beverages, fast wifi, tasty food

I disliked: Basically only one hot meal option, fairly crowded, not exactly premium wines


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