Hotel review: The Confidante (Unbound Collection by Hyatt), Miami Beach, USA

Hotel review: The Confidante (Unbound Collection by Hyatt), Miami Beach, USA

After spending a whole week in a lovely Airbnb house with a bunch of friends, retiring to a hotel for the last few nights was a welcome resort.

We chose The Confidante since we wanted to get a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of Ocean Drive, and it was fairly reasonably priced for Miami Beach. We paid around 264 dollars a night for our Standard double double room, including the ridiculous 26 dollar (plus tax) resort fee per night.

The hotel has a cool art deco vibe, with special little details here and there. Just look at the chandelier and those awesome lounge chairs in the image under.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 16.08.51
The Confidante lobby.

Location and room

The hotel is located on Mid-beach, and an Uber ride to the main trek will run you about $7. Definitely worth it for a good night’s sleep, if you ask me. It’s also possible to walk, which will take you about 30-35 minutes.

We arrived early, as the Airbnb rental had a checkout time of 11 AM. My particular room wasn’t ready, but the three other rooms in our group were, so we were able to store our luggage in one of those. Upon returning in the evening, we got the keys to our own room on the 7th floor.

The room was of a decent size, with two large double beds separated by a nightstand with USB outlets for easy charging. The room also had a desk and a large open-air bar, plus a minibar in a little fridge. Unfortunately there was no room to store your own things in the refridgerator.

The bed was very comfortable, striking the perfect balance between soft and firm. If you are on a strict budget, they are probably big enough for two each, so you can stuff four people into the same room.

The aircon in the room was by default blasting at maximum at all times, so I would recommend setting it to auto. The room still stays cool, but the noise isn’t anywhere near as bad.

Bilde 04.06.2017, 20.09.24

The hotel offers a pretty decent wifi connection. The only issue I had with it was that my phone kept dropping the connection when idle – not a big issue, but a little annoying when you are trying to avoid excessive roaming costs.

The bathroom

The bathroom was also pretty large, with a big shower stall, but unfortunately no bathtub. The shower had great water pressure and some seriously hot water, so no complaints there. Online the hotel advertises it as a rainfall shower, but I beg to differ. This was no different from what I have at home (but still good).

The toiletries were the grapefruit line from Jonathan Adler, and were seriously great. Smelled great, left your skin feeling really fresh and are paraben-free.

Unfortunately the hotel uses large bottles that you cannot take with you (or, you can, but for a surcharge of $20 per bottle). Only the soap bar and the body lotion were up for grabs, so if you wanna hoard little toiletries, don’t go here. 🙂

The view

Our room faced a pretty heavily trafficked road, but it still felt pretty quiet, no doubt helped by our 7th floor location.

Some rooms also have balconies facing the pool area or the ocean, and that might be worth paying a little extra for.

Bilde 03.06.2017, 03.23.56
The Confidante Miami Beach city view. Not all that. 

Worth noting is that the hotel offers no coffee or tea making facilities in the room. This is somewhat remedied by the fact that there’s a self-serve area for coffee in the lobby, but this is only open until sometime around noon.

Not a big issue for me, but if you are an avid coffee drinker who needs a few fixes before being able to do anything, you might be out of luck here.

Bilde 04.06.2017, 17.34.25
The Confidante Miami Beach self-serve coffee.

Housekeeping was also a little issue for me, as they tended to come barging in fairly early in the morning.

Pro tip: Use the Do not disturb sign whenever you are sleeping in.

Bilde 03.06.2017, 04.07.54
The Confidante Miami Beach Do not disturb sign. 

The facilities

The hotel offers two pools – one family pool and one reserved for adults – and what looked like a decent amount of sun loungers. There are also bungalows you can reserve and lounge music playing all day long.

The pools are relatively small, but mostly big enough for the size of the hotel. Just don’t expect to be able to do laps here. If it is a giant and elaborate pool area you’re looking for, you might be better off booking the Fontainebleu a few blocks up the road from The Confidante. If you want a more zen-like stay by the pool, none of these are for you.

If you step outside the gate to the beachside boardwalk, you are pretty much right on the beach, which is very nice. The hotel offers sun loungers and towels, but you have to pay extra if you want a parasol, which feels pretty restrictive.

The breakfast

We paid to have breakfast in the hotel one lazy morning, and I have to say I was disappointed. The breakfast buffet is $24, tax included, and the buffet spread does not come anywhere near defending that price.

On offer are a few dry bagels with butter, cream cheese and jam, boiled eggs, some bread and other pastries, fruit and yoghurt. No scrambled eggs, bacon, cold cuts or other hotel breakfast staples. Unfortunately the breakfast options nearby seemed rather scarce, but I’m fairly sure you can do quite a lot better than this without going very far.

To top it off, only water and coffee was served, orange juice and other beverages were extra. At least the yoghurt and granola tasted good.

Bilde 05.06.2017, 17.19.45

The hotel also has a fitness room and a spa, but I didn’t have the opportunity to try any of these. The spa prices looked rather exorbitant, however, judging from the menu in the room.

The verdict

All in all I found The Confidante a pretty good beachside hotel option in Miami Beach, which is known to be a very expensive place to stay. You don’t get the five star treatment, but it definitely does the job it’s designed to do in a good way. It’s not without its quirks, however.

All kinds of travel rates The Confidante Miami Beach: 4 out of 5

I liked: Decent sized room, quiet, comfortable beds, great toiletries, good wifi, direct beach access

I disliked: Resort fee feels like nothing more than an extra money squeeze, poor breakfast, no coffee making facilities in the room, not the most impressive pool area



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